Wall Word Wide

Wall Word Wide

Everything communicates art

One of the advantages of being a traveler is being able to admire the various social and artistic expressions around the world. Small and large signs give a sense of change or photograph reality. Many artists confront each other by expressing their concepts to better reach the common sense and the emotional approval of the traveler.

The walls, the posters, the galleries, everything is a sign and we decided long ago that we had to keep these emotional meteors in memory. A space on the web site where we welcome photos, texts, graphics, phrases and any contribution that strikes. We have often been surprised by how much truth some images express and we have been moved by simple phrases or words that give an immediate blow to the imagination.

We have made a small collection and we are sharing it with everyone, also accepting external contributions because this is also fashion, style and innovation.

Wall word wide.

Be inspired by the images and words in Inseta’s Wall Word Wide, and if you want to contribute your own photos, send them via the form below.

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